Berdawni Water

BERDAWNI NATURAL MINERAL WATER is a Lebanese company, established in year 2004 in Bekaa region "Kaa el Rim”, certified since 2007 till date by Bureau Veritas: ISO22000:2005. We are the first company in Lebanon that followed the Quality and Food Safety Management System. Originating from the underground springs of Sannine Mountains, this natural source has flowed undisturbed for centuries, producing some of the finest mineral enriched water in Lebanon. Mineralization is well balanced due to its geological origin.

The water is drawn from an underground base of rocks and then transported to our factory by pump system made with stainless steel materials. Afterwards, it undergoes two simple and important processes in order to maintain its natural purity and pleasant taste:

  1. MICRO Filters: The water filled into bottles/gallons get filtered through 0.2µ absolute filter from which 99.9% of bacteria get eliminated.
  2. Ultraviolet Radiation(UV): After filtration disinfection takes place in this process where all bacteria get eliminated.

Every process of the water flow is tested, monitored and controlled by qualified professionals in the laboratory. After filtration, the water continue to three production lines:

  • 19L Gallons line.
  • 9L Gallons line.
  • Bottles line: 0.33L, 0.5L, 1.5L & 2L.